Who We Are

Welcome to Whole Woman’s Texas Action Fund, a non-profit group dedicated to helping women access abortion services. Growing stigma surrounding abortion has made it increasingly difficult for women, especially those with limited resources, to obtain abortions or even access basic reproductive health services. This stigma occurs in a variety of forms, from silence and aggravation to anti-choice legislation. The result is not only more unnecessary hoops for patients to jump through, but also a growing deterioration of reproductive rights and a startling tolerance for the harassment of patients and providers.

Since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973, over 50 million women have obtained an abortion, and with current rates approximately 1 in 3 women will undergo an abortion in their lifetime. Where are these women in the national or even local discussions? Stigma surrounding one of the safest, most common medical procedures in the nation has pushed those involved in to silence, creating an open arena for others working to limit access.

We understand that the unnecessary processes legislated by the government are adding significantly to the time and financial burdens faced by women seeking abortions. Our mission is to support and aid women in their effort to obtain an abortion amidst the constraints caused by stigma. We invite you to become a part of our organization or donate here.


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